Product Information

Are FLARROW watches unisex?

Absolutely! Our watches are designed both for him and her.


What material is used for the casing?

All watchcases are made using 316L Stainless steel.


What type of movement is used?

Quality is important to us. That’s why we decided to use one of the best quartz movements currently available in the market. All our watches include a Ronda Slimtech series Caliber 1063 Movement.


What is the glass made of?

All watches contain scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.


What material is used for the straps?

All leather straps are made of genuine leather. Our mesh straps are made of stainless steel.


Are the straps interchangeable?

All straps have quick release pins. The quick release pins allow for easy attachment and detachment of the straps. The lug width of the watches is 20mm. Therefore only straps with a width of 20mm are compatible.

Due to accelerated wear and tear we do not recommend changing the straps too frequently.


How do I attach the butterfly clasp to the leather strap?

Your watch should have come with an adjustment tool in the watch box. Use this adjustment tool to push the springbar at the the end of the leather strap. Move the springbar in between the butterfly clasp with the logo facing up. Release the adjustment tool from the springbar again to lock the butterfly clasp into place.


How can I adjust the length of the mesh strap?

Your watch should have come with an adjustment tool in the watch box. Use this adjustment tool to flick open the part in the middle. Move the middle part along the strap to the desired length and shut it again to secure the adjustment.


How to look after the straps?

·      Leather/ Suede: Leather and Suede straps are not suitable for washing with water and soap, as it will dry out the material. We advise you to consult a high street watch retailer for a care balm specifically made for leather and suede.

·      Nylon: for our nylon straps we suggest using lukewarm, soapy water.

·      Mesh (Chain metal): For our mesh straps we also suggest using lukewarm, soapy water.


How long do the batteries last?

The battery is expected to last for around 2 years. However, external factors, such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure may affect the lifespan of a battery. All our watches contain standard silver oxide button cell batteries that are readily available in most watch stores. The battery is not covered under your warranty.


Are FLARROW watches water resistant?

All our watches are 5 ATM water resistant. However this does not mean that the watches are waterproof. 5 ATM indicates that exposure to high humidity and rain is acceptable but showering, swimming, and diving should be avoided. ATM only applies to the watchcase and not to the straps. Contact with water should be avoided with leather, suede and mesh straps. Note that water damage is not covered under your warranty.


What are the dimensions of the watches?

Our watches are currently only available with a 40mm diameter and a thickness of 7mm. However, due to the shape of the case the watches do not feel or look big on your wrist.


How do I set the time?

Pull out the crown until you hear a click. Turn the crown to set the correct time. Push the crown back in firmly, and you are all set.