Warranty & Repairs

What is the warranty period?

The limited warranty term on our products is 12 months from the date of purchase. Our warranty only applies to manufacturing defects of the movement and not to regular wear and tear. The following issues are not covered by our warranty:

·      Failure or damage as a result of improper use, such as scratches, knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal;

·      Failure or damage as a result of dropping the product;

·      Failure or damage as a result of previous (unjustifiable) repairs or modifications done by a third party;

·      Failure or damage as a result of neglected care;

·      Failure or damage as a result of fire, water (including showering, swimming, or diving), or a natural disaster (such as an earthquake);

·      Esthetic changes as a result of regular wear and tear and aging, such as alteration of the colour of the strap, scratches on the case and/or crystal, and peeling of the plating of the case;

·      Failure to submit the warranty along with the watch;

·      Battery replacement, also during the warranty term.


How can I claim the warranty?

Within the limited warranty period you are entitled to have your product repaired or receive a replacement of the same product. We will only honour warranty claims with the original order confirmation email or receipt as proof of purchase. If you are not sure whether a defect is covered by the warranty we advise you to consult a watch store or jeweler for inspection of the product. In case you want to claim your warranty please contact us at hello@flarrowwatches.com for more information.